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Special Issue on “Development and Comprehension of Novel Experimental Technology for High Temperature Processing” Publication postponed and the original deadline extended (Deadline : 30th, April, 2021)

Call for Papers

Notice of publication postponed and the original deadline extended

Due to the stagnation of various activities under the influence of the global epidemic of the new pneumonia, we could not fully call for this special issue. In order to call for more posts, we decided to extend the submission deadline and delay publication.

In addition, in this issue, we decided to focus on MOLTEN2021 held in February 2021 and to compile the high-temperature experimental technology and its analysis method. For this reason, some scopes and an editor have been added.

In recent years, as represented by the keyword of “zero carbon steel”, social demands for low carbon in the steel industry have been increasing. In particular, in the high-temperature process field represented by the ironmaking and steelmaking fields, high carbon and high energy are required in the operation. Therefore, efforts to reduce carbon in them are positioned as issues to be addressed as soon as possible. In view of these tides, this special issue regularly summarizes various newly developed high-temperature experimental techniques and their analysis methods to solve various issues in high-temperature processes as seeds techniques. The knowledge of this special issue will be shared among high-temperature process researchers and that it will hopefully become a platform for creating new high-temperature experimental technologies.

1. Scope

This issue comprehensively gathers the latest research results from basic research to applied technology development on new high-temperature experimental techniques and analysis methods developed for low-carbon / energy saving in high-temperature processes in the ironmaking and steelmaking fields.

2. Submission of manuscript

  1. Submission deadline is 30th, April, 2021. <Extended>
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    Assoc. Prof. Ko-ichiro OHNO
    Department of Materials Process Engineering, Graduate School, KYUSHU University
    TEL : +81-92-802-2938
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    Prof. Joonho LEE
    Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University
    TEL : +82-2-3290-4051, 3287
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3. Schedule for issue

ISIJ International, Vol. 61(2021), No. 12(Dec, 2021)<Postponed>