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The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) is an academic society consisting of more than 10,000 individual members and more than 200 sustaining members (companies). Since its establishment in 1915, the Japan Iron and Steel Institute has been engaged in academic society activities related to iron and steel and related fields, with the following pillars: (1) combining science and technology, (2) combining iron and steel companies, (3) combining industry, government, and academia, (4) combining iron and steel with other fields, and (5) combining domestic and overseas activities.

Steel Science Portal is a website for accessing the latest information about steel-related technology.
The site provides a cross-search function for accessing treatises in the field of steel technology, a database of report abstracts from the main steel and steel-related journals, links to the principle journals and steel company technical reports, and links to steel-related news and topics.

It is a bibliographic information database including graphical abstracts of the journals “ISIJ International” and “Tetsu-to-Hagané.”
Information from 2016 is included. From now on, we will also add previous data.
“GridList” is a composite word of “grid” and “list.” The word is inspired by a feature of a list able to be switched between grid display and list display, or displayed in a grid form.

Tetsu-to-Hagane is a Japanese-language open access journal published by the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan. First published in 1915, it has played an important role as a forum for the dissemination of information.