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ISIJ International, Special Topics on “Forming and heat treatment technologies that support the steel manufacturing process” (Submission deadline:26th April, 2024)

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Downstream process of steel manufacturing involves a variety of processes; hot rolling, pickling, cold rolling and heat treatment followed by secondary forming process. Among these processes, thermomechanical treatment of steel, which combines forming and heat treatment, is used in TRIP, controlled rolling, and other processes, and is an effective method of controlling not only the shape of steel, such as dimensional accuracy and surface properties, but also material properties. From the viewpoint of carbon neutrality, it is also necessary to deepen processing and elemental technologies, improve productivity by integrating these technologies, and obtain more precise product shapes and material properties.
Based on the above background, this special issue mainly focuses on each of the Forming and heat treatment technologies that support the steel manufacturing process, as well as the elemental technologies of thermomechanical treatment. The topics are listed below. Shape and material control technology and lubrication technology in metal forming (rolling, forging, and drawing process), tribological properties such as oxide scale, surface defects, fine grain, heterostructure, and composites. Research on various properties such as material prediction, plasticity theory, fracture, strength, and secondary workability using the above technologies will also be included.

1. Scope

This special issue comprehensively collects latest research studies and reviews which are related to forming and heat treatment technologies that support the steel manufacturing process, such as rolling process control technology, metal forming of steel, deformation and microstructural analysis models, and micro structure control by large straining process and heat treatment.

2. Submission of manuscript

  1. Submission deadline is 26th, April, 2024.
  2. Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the “Instruction to Authors”.
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    Prof. Akira YANAGIDA, School of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University
    Phone: +81-70-7667-9096, Fax: +81-3-5284-5694, E-mail:
    Assoc. Prof. Takeshi UEMORI, Graduate School of Environmental, Life, Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University
    Phone: +81-86-251-8033, Fax: +81-86-251-8266, E-mail:
    Dr. Takayuki OTSUKA, Rolling Research Laboratory, Process Research Laboratories, Nippon Steel Corporation
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3. Schedule for issue

Published 15th January 2025