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ISIJ International, Special Issue on“Recent progress on Sustainable Steelmaking” (Deadline : 31th, August 2023)

Call for Papers

In order to produce high-quality steel, it is necessary to appropriately use various starting materials such as pig iron, scrap iron, and reduced iron followed by efficient removal of impurities. In addition, for further decarbonization in steel manufacturing processes, it is necessary to use scrap iron widely and improve thermal efficiency of EAF and strengthen energy conservation measures. Furthermore, it is also important to make steel defects harmless and by controlling inclusions, etc. Recycling and effective utilization of steelmaking slag and dust is also essential for sustainable steelmaking processes.

1. Scope

Basic research to application and development on new developments on sustainable steelmaking processes. Keywords are for example, improving reaction efficiency (dephosphorization, etc.) for converters and electric furnaces, improving thermal efficiency for utilization of iron scrap), and recycling of steelmaking slag and dust.

2. Submission of manuscript

  1. Submission deadline is 31th, August, 2023.
  2. Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the “Instruction to Authors”.
  3. The manuscript should be submitted via ISIJ International online submission site on the following
    If you have any questions on the operation of electronic submission, please contact the Editorial group of ISIJ.
  4. Authors wishing to submit review papers should contact to the following guest editor:
    Associate Professor Takahiro MIKI, Tohoku University, Japan (
    Professor Xu GAO, Central South University, China(

3. Schedule for the special issue

ISIJ International, Vol. 64 (2024), No.6 (March 2024)