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Special Topic on “Martensitic and bainitic transformations in steels; fundamentals and their applications” (Deadline : 28th, April 2023, Schedule for issue: January 2024)

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Martensitic and bainitic transformations have been widely utilized to develop high strength and/or high ductility steels, iron-based shape memory alloys and superior vibration-damping alloys and so on. In order to control martensitic and bainitic transformations for better properties, in-depth understanding of the transformation behavior, and the relationship between properties and microstructures are essential. Although martensitic and bainitic transformations are classical research subjects in steels, recent advances in electron microscopies, x-ray and quantum beam analyses as well as first-principles calculations, molecular dynamics, and phase-field modelling have deepened our understanding of structures and properties of martensite and bainite.

Therefore, this special topic features the cutting-edge research on martensitic and bainitic transformations and their properties in steels from basic to application. This issue will include papers on thermodynamics, crystallography, and modeling of martensitic and bainitic transformations that occur in low-, high-alloyed steels as well as special steels. Deformation, fracture, strength, ductility, toughness, shape memory properties, and corrosion resistance of martensite and bainite steels are also within the scope of this special topic. It also includes rapid heating and quenching treatments such as welding and 3D additive, and martensitic and bainitic transformations in duplex steels such as DP and TRIP steels.

1. Scope

This special topic comprehensively gathers the latest research results on martensitic and bainitic transformations in steels from basic to application toward the deepening of essential understanding and further utilization of martensitic and bainitic transformations.

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  1. Submission deadline is 28th, April, 2023.
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3. Schedule for the special topic

ISIJ International、 Vol. 64 (2024)、 No.1 (January、 2024)