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Special Issue on “Approach of Cokemaking Technology for Low CO2 Emission and for Extending Available Resources” (Deadline: 30th, November 2022, Schedule for issue: September 2023)

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Today, when CO2 reduction is a global issue, the role of ironmaking process is important, as ironmaking process requires enormous energy. To reduce CO2 from cokemaking process, usage of low CO2 carbonaceous resources, or reduction of energy consumption on cokemaking process are desired. Furthermore, high quality coke that supports low CO2 load operation at blast furnace is also required while avoiding resource constraint.

This special issue features recent research results on cokemaking technology that leads to lower CO2 emission and carbonaceous resource expansion. The topics cover various coal or carbonaceous reforming technology and cokemaking technology those enable the use of inferior carbonaceous resources of low carbon. Furthermore, the topics also cover cokemaking technology for high quality coke that leads to low carbon operation in blast furnace.

1. Scope

This issue comprehensively gathers the recent research activities and technical developments on cokemaking technology that enables sufficient coke quality while using low CO2 carbonaceous resources, and that contribute to highly efficient and stable blast furnace operation for low CO2 emission.

2. Submission of manuscript

  1. Submission deadline is 30th, November 2022.
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3. Schedule for issue

ISIJ International, Vol. 63 (2023), No. 9 (September 2023)