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Special Issue on “Quantitative analysis and modeling of solidification phenomena related to macrosegregation and cast defect” (Deadline : 20th, October, 2022)

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In various casting methods such as continuous casting, large ingot casting, and centrifugal casting of for steel materials, various macro segregations such as V segregation, center segregation, channel segregation, band segregation, etc. and casting defects occur depend on the size of mold and solidification conditions. These defects make secondary processing difficult and lead to deterioration of the quality of the final product. In order to optimize a solidified structure in the steel products, it is necessary to understand the solidification phenomenon along with the analysis of dendrite growth and concentration distribution. This special issue features the latest research results on the mechanism of macrosegregation and macroscale casting defect formation. In addition to general experiments, in-situ observation, model experiments, simulation analysis, and model proposals are used to include quantitative analysis of segregation and cast defects. This issue gathers manuscripts from a wide range of perspectives, including the three-dimensional analysis, flow phenomena of solute-enriched phases between dendrites, analysis of micro and macro segregation, modeling of casting defect formation, and future development of segregation control technology.

1. Scope

Our goal is to clarify the mechanism of macrosegregation and cast defect generation hidden in various casting methods such as continuous casting and large ingot casting. This issue comprehensively gathers various fundamental research and application technology related to micro- and macroscopic segregation with various experiments such as standard experiment, in-situ observation, model experiment, simulation analysis, etc.

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  1. Submission deadline is 20th, October, 2022.
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3. Schedule for issue

ISIJ International, Vol. 63 (2023), No. 7 (July, 2023)