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Special Issue on “ Strength, Plasticity, and Fracture in Steels: Towards Quantitative Bridging of Experiment and Simulation”(Deadline : 31st, March, 2022.)

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Mechanical properties are one of the most important aspects of steels.  In recent decades, demand for higher mechanical performances of steel has grown.  For the continued development of advanced steels incorporating both strength and ductility / toughness, in addition to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of deformation and fracture, macroscopic mechanical responses should be quantitatively correlated with microscopic deformation and fracture behaviors.  Bridging of experiments and simulations is a promising approach to reveal the relationships between mechanical responses and deformation / fracture behaviors.  Against this background, the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan has organized the 6th International Symposium on Steel Science (ISSS) entitled "Strength, Plasticity, and Fracture in Steels Revisited: Towards Quantitative Bridging of Experiment and Simulation" on 15 November 2021.  In addition, the research group on "Heterogeneous deformation structure and its effects on mechanical properties" (March 2019 - February 2023) is being conducted.  This special issue comprehensively gathers the latest development and knowledge on strength, plasticity and fracture in steels towards a quantitative bridging of experiment and simulation.  The results of only experimental or computational researches are also welcome.  It is hoped that the findings of this special issue will be shared among researchers and engineers involved in microstructure control and mechanical properties, and will lead to the development of steels with advanced mechanical performance.

1. Scope

In order to continue to develop steels with advanced mechanical performance, towards a quantitative bridging of experiment and simulation, researchers and engineers are encouraged to submit the latest research results which contribute to the understanding of strength, plasticity and fracture in steels.  The results of only experimental or computational researches are also welcome.

2. Submission of manuscript

  1. Submission deadline is 31st, March, 2022.
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3. Schedule for issue

ISIJ International, Vol. 62 (2022), No. 10 (October, 2022)