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Introduction of Short Articles in the ISIJ Journals and Newly Offered Short Article Publication Service in ISIJ International


From April 2022, the ISIJ Japanese-language journal “Tetsu-to-Hagané” has introduced a separate “Short Article” category for manuscript submissions, distinct from the “Note“ category. Short Articles were defined as rapid publications, which have a shorter peer-review period compared to Regular Articles.

To address authors’ difficulties in understanding the gist of Short Articles, we have redefined the category.

In December 2023, the Short Article category will also be introduced to ISIJ International.

Definition of “Short Article”

Short Article:

Papers that briefly report original research results and technical findings that require rapid publication.

Short Articles have the following characteristics:

  1. The first review results are provided within approximately 3 weeks from submission
  2. Reprints are permitted between Tetsu-to-Hagané and ISIJ International within 6 months of original publication

Summary of “Short Article”

The “Short Article” category allows for speedy communication of the latest reports on iron, steel, and related materials and processes. These short reports (papers), consisting of 5 pages or fewer, should concisely and logically present original research results, technical findings, and considerations.

In the past, the ISIJ journals included the contents of a “Short Article” as part of a “Note” article. These “Note” articles consisted of back-and-forth communications between the authors and the journal editors, usually in the form of Letters or Communications. We have now created a separate category for Short Articles to emphasize brevity, novelty, creativity, and the need for rapid publication while maintaining rigorous peer review.

The name “Short Article” replaces the original English name of “Rapid Publication,” reflecting their brevity and academic quality. Master's and Ph.D. students can also publish their research findings, conference papers, or poster sessions in this format. The first peer-review results are provided within 3 weeks, ensuring swift and timely publication.

However, Short Articles are not eligible for the ISIJ Tawara Award and Sawamura Award, but Short Articles in Tetsu-to-Hagané can be considered for the ISIJ Outstanding Paper Award for Young Researchers.

Establishment of the “Short Article” Category for “ISIJ International”

Starting from December 2023, ISIJ International will also introduce the “Short Article” category. The definition of “Short Article” for ISIJ International will be the same as stated above for Tetsu-to-Hagané. We kindly request authors to submit their proposed manuscripts for “Short Articles” to these prestigious journals.