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Separate publication of special issues of journals and combined publication of two regular issues


In July, our journal editorial committee published a notice titled ‘Review of production and submission procedures to expedite publication in ISIJ journals Tetsu-to-Hagané and ISIJ International.’ We reported that the production processes and submission procedures would be improved, and the production period would be shortened in order to publish papers as fast as possible.

Presently, we are in the process of changing the publication flow, as explained in the notice. The publication issue will be flexibly determined at the end of proofreading by the authors, according to the production status of each paper. Although the full-scale operation will begin in 2024, changes to the submission procedure have been in place since September.

The current status of the item— “Separate publication of special issues and merged publication of the printed versions of the two issues,”—which was under examination at the time of the issue of the notice, is summarized below. It will be implemented by January 2024. We appreciate the understanding of our members and authors.

1. Separate publication of special issues

In the past, it was stipulated that only 12 issues would be published per year for each journal, which includes both regular and special issues. However, papers in a regular issue that follow a special issue sometimes face a delay of one month before publication. As the speed of publication must be the same for all authors, it was decided that regular issues would be published each month, whereas special issues would be published separately from regular issues.

[Number of issues per year, online version publication date, annual subscription price]

Items Journal Present From January 2024
Number of issues per year Tetsu-to-Hagané 12 (regular + special issues) 12 regular issues
Several special issues (issue numbers undetermined)
Online version publication date Tetsu-to-Hagané 1st of the month for both regular and special issues 1st of the month for regular issues
15th of the month for special issues
ISIJ Int. 15th of the month for both regular and special issues 15th of the month for regular issues
30th of the month for special issues
(28th for February)
Annual subscription price Tetsu-to-Hagané Members: 2,750 yen No change (the same price)
Nonmembers: 26,400 yen
ISIJ Int. Members: 5,200 yen
Nonmembers: 50,292 yen

2. Combined publication of regular issues

To reduce the increase in the cost by separately publishing special issues, we have considered combining two regular print issues. As the number of articles is fewer, “Tetsu-to-Hagané” will print two regular issues as one, as a trial. If the results are satisfactory, the same will be attempted for “ISIJ Int.” As “Tetsu-to-Hagané” is mailed along with the institution bulletin “Ferrum” on the first of each month to save the shipping cost, printed issues will continue to be mailed along with Ferrum.
The online version (J-STAGE publication) will continue to be published monthly as before.

[Print issue publication and shipment date]

Journal Issue From January 2024
Tetsu-to-Hagané Regular issues (Two issues combined) 1st of every even month, same-day shipping
Special issues (Single issue) 15th of each publication month, shipping on the 1st of the following month
ISIJ Int. Regular issues 15th of each month, same-day shipping
Special issues 30th of each publication month (28th for February), same-day shipping

(e.g.,) January regular issue and February regular issue of “Tetsu-to-Hagané” ⇒ combined publication on February 1st, same-day shipping.
March special issue of “Tetsu-to-Hagané” ⇒ print issue will be published on its own on March 15th, shipping on April 1st.