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Reproduction Permission Request

Reproduction permission request form example

The copyright of the publications (including electronic media such as CD-ROM) edited and published by The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ) belongs to the Institute.

1. Regarding the copyrighted works of ISIJ

Articles published in ISIJ journals, such as “Tetsu-to-Hagané,” “ISIJ International,” and “Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,”and those whose copyright is owned by ISIJ are assigned a CC license (Generally CC BY-NC-ND or, depending on circumstances, CC BY). From April 1st, 2021, permission will not be needed to reproduce such works, on the condition that they are used within the provisions of the CC license.

Details regarding CC licenses and applications for permission to reproduce can be found here.

2. The copyright of ISIJ publications other than journals

Prior to reproducing any ISIJ publications or part thereof other than journals, please request permission from ISIJ to do so. Please use the format prescribed by ISIJ which can be downloaded and submitted via e-mail.

Fees may be charged in some circumstances, if the purpose of use is commercial. For details please contact the secretariat.

Moreover, when submitting a reproduction permission request, as it may take time to confirm the original source (the publication of ISIJ), please copy the part the original source can be identified (the pages which the journal title, issued date, Volume No, the title of the article, the figures and tables subject to reproduce, are identifiable) and attach them to electronic data, fax, post, etc.

If the copyright of the work has not been transferred to ISIJ despite that the work is published by ISIJ, please submit reproduction permission request directly to the author.

◆Regarding reproducing to The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan’s copyrighted materials

If you intend to reproduce part of the third party’s copyrighted works to ISIJ’s copyrighted works, please be sure to obtain permission from the primary owner of the copyright.

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